Lighting Symposium 2022

Re-thinking Lighting Design in a Sustainable Future

With the climate crisis as the greatest challenge of our time there is a need to rethink the role of lighting design together. Light Symposium 2022 (LS2022) invites researchers, professionals and students to contribute to how lighting design can play an essential role in a sustainable future. Through knowledge sharing across different scientific fields, we can propose new ways of living with light that consider the needs of people and the planet, and rethink the approach to lighting design in both research and practice.

The 8th Light Symposium will be held at the Copenhagen Campus of Aalborg University on the 21st-23rd September 2022. With focus on how technology is impacting lighting design, as well as how light and lighting affects animals, plant as well as human physical and mental well-being, LS2022 will be an opportunity to ask the questions and find the answers that ensure the diversity that truly sustainable lighting solutions require.

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